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GXS Trading Grid® Radio Podcasts
Connecting your SAP Applications to your Supply Chain
with John Radko
“SAP is one of the few application suites where people do tend to connect directly to B2B gateways or cloud services. The folks at SAP are big proponents of the real-time supply chain and keeping information flowing continuously, so they’ve done a lot of work to make that work well; it’s a design model.”
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ERP Firewall
with Pradheep Sampath
“I would describe an ERP Firewall as an infrastructure that either allows, prevents, or even goes so far to take corrective action to B2B transactions that are exchanged between an organisation’s ERP system or its supply chain management applications and its external trading partners. Why do manufacturers need one?”
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Keeping ERP Projects on Schedule
with Ryan Kraudel
“Most people don’t realise that somewhere between thirty and forty percent of ERP data actually comes from outside the enterprise, so the success of both the ERP program and the B2B program are critically interrelated.”
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ERP Extensions and B2B
with Pradheep Sampath
“The fact that manufacturers have global supply chains is really the new normal and manufacturers have to work with a host of business partners, be it freight forwarders or 3PLs or customs brokers, all these entities before they can get their products in consumer hands.”
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ERP Extends to the B2B Cloud
with Andrea Brody
“Difficulties integrating ERP into the B2B ecosystem will be overcome by the use of a collection point within a B2B cloud service to enable both buy side and supply side to access the same view and data, reconciling supply chain discrepancies to improve supply chain efficiencies.”
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Market Research


Maximising Your Return On
ERP & B2B Integration

ERP Projects Create Significant B2B Opportunities

by Karen Carter, Dennis Gaughan and Jim Shepherd, AMR Research

AMR Research Customer Executive Summary in Collaboration with GXS

Companies have been focused on business-to-business (B2B) initiatives for quite some time to support demand collaboration and supply collaboration. While there are still plenty of standalone B2B initiatives, ERP projects are often the catalyst for additional B2B activity. As management teams focus on the need for systems and processes to support an integrated global business, the importance of the relationship between ERP and B2B becomes critical. Learn more from the AMR Research Customer Executive Summary in collaboration with GXS now »

New Strategies

Accelerating Supply Chain Application ROI Through B2B Outsourcing

by Pradheep Sampath

Integrating data and orchestrating internal business processes between disparate ERP modules and best-of-breed SCM applications can be a daunting task, often fraught with complexities. Furthermore, B2B integration issues associated with document formats, partner automation, and communication protocols across languages and time zones can also hinder the effectiveness of SCP, TMS, and WMS systems.

It is evident that in order to be fully effective, SCM applications require a flexible, scalable, highly-available on-demand B2B integration infrastructure. CIOs are realising that sporadic hiring of additional IT staff or expensive process consultants is not sufficient to maximise the potential of their SCM applications. B2B outsourcing with an effective world-class partner offers IT departments numerous benefits. Learn more »

Using B2B Outsourcing to Manage the ERP to B2B Integration Process

by Mark Morley

The ideal time to re-evaluate the integration strategy between ERP and B2B platforms within a company could be following a divestiture or restructuring process or perhaps when switching to a new ERP system provider. Many companies today are starting to realise the benefits of ERP and B2B integration, especially when trying to consolidate numerous instances of an ERP system which may be housed in different locations around the world. Learn more »

Best Practices

The Importance of a Highly Available B2B Infrastructure to ERP Success

by Steve Keifer
B2B e-Commerce–A Strategic Application?

If you asked business or IT executives to list the top 10 mission critical applications in their enterprise, very few would list B2B e-commerce. For many leaders in the retail, manufacturing or services sector, B2B e-commerce is not considered a strategic application. In the event of a disaster, common sense would suggest that you prioritise the recovery of the applications your own employees use above those used by your business partners. What many IT leaders fail to consider is that without operational B2B platforms, many internal applications, such as ERP, lack the data needed to operate and are therefore significantly handicapped. In fact, ERP dependency on B2B applications has grown substantially in recent years as businesses have become more dependent upon their partners. Learn more »

Protecting Mission-Critical Manufacturing Data with an ERP Firewall

by Steve Keifer

Manufacturers are investing tens of millions of dollars to consolidate, standardise, upgrade, and extend their ERP applications in order to optimise value from their ERP applications. However, these efforts are undermined and compromised when bad data from business partners corrupts and pollutes the ERP. An ERP Firewall, which can be implemented at a small fraction of the typical annual software maintenance royalty, can reduce bad data by up to 50% with just a few simple rule sets—significantly improving long-term ROI. Learn more »

Executive Dialogue Blogs

The Importance of Integrating B2B and ERP Platforms in the Automotive Industry

Integration is an important word on the minds of many CIOs around the world, and yet many companies underestimate the importance of it, especially when trying to implement and work with countless back-office systems. As the automotive companies stretch their operations around the world it has become more important to provide integration to multiple SAP instances and to also provide a means to manage their ever expanding community of trading partners. How?