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GXS industry and technology experts are thought leaders in their fields. They conduct research, determine best practices and share their expertise. GXS maintains INSIGHTS as a service to customers and prospective customers to provide insight on critical business issues and technology.

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Strategy and Execution

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Software as a Service: The CEO’s New Mantra
Bob Segert,
President and CEO, GXS

CEOs and CIOs in every industry are beginning to evaluate SaaS (Software as a Service) as an alternative to traditional licensed software models. SaaS promises to revolutionise the industry with its new pricing, delivery & upgrade model. Thought leaders from GXS offer their insights on SaaS and its impact on the supply chain below.

Featured Speakers - GXS Insights: Inside SaaS 2.0 Video
Bobby Patrick
SVP Marketing & CMO, GXS
Steve Keifer
VP of Industry Marketing, GXS
John Fontanella
VP of Research, AMR Research
John Radko
Chief Technology Strategist, GXS
Rory O'Neill
Director, Strategies
& Alliances, GXS

Global Business

Two Decades Later: The Emerging B2B Market in China
Raymond Teh, Vice President, & Jane Cheng, Marketing Director, GXS Asia Pacific

According to the statistics provided by CCID, the ERP spending growth in China was at 64% in 2001 and 65% in 2002. In a recent report by Analysys International, the ERP market reached over 120 million USD in Q3 2006, a 17.91% increase compared to the same period in 2005... More »

B2B Strategies to Grow your Business
Steve Keifer, VP of Industry Marketing, GXS

When companies talk about the benefits of increasing B2B e-commerce, most people think in terms of reducing their operating costs. If you work in Retail Distribution, Consumer Products, Logistics, Banking or Insurance, heads up for more about growth rather than reductions.  More »

SaaS—The Biofuel of Automotive IT
Mark Morley, Industry Marketing Director, GXS

Today's automotive industry spans nearly every manufacturing region around the world and OEMs are continually looking for ways to integrate trading partners into their global B2B platform. SaaS-based solutions offer companies a low cost alternative to traditional software deployment and the following article describes how SaaS could benefit an automotive company's B2B globalisation strategy.  More »


The ½% Solution – Part 1
Bryan Scott Larkin,
Industry Marketing Director, GXS

Companies often attempt to increase their bottom line through various cost-cutting methods.  One that gets little attention, but can have significant payoffs – such as adding ½% to the bottom line – requires no layoffs, doesn’t force you to reduce the number of staples you use, and can strengthen relationships between suppliers and retailers. More »

The ½% Solution – Part 2
Bryan Scott Larkin,
Industry Marketing Director, GXS

Find out how to eradicate pesky errors that are at the root of many, if not most, compliance problems. Learn more about the Retail Compliance Council’s Perfect Order Index and how to take steps to create the Perfect Order. More »

What Can One Version of the Truth Really Do for You?
Mike Walton, Chief Solutions Officer, GXS

In the last twenty years much has been written on the subject of data as an asset and the value of information. Even if you are not familiar with its origin, few would deny the wisdom of Sir Francis Bacon's philosophy. In fact, it is unlikely that there is anyone whose personal experiences have not proven this to be true. More »

GXS B2B Blogs


Steve Keifer
VP, Industry Marketing

Driving B2B

Mark Morley
Director of Industry Marketing for Manufacturing

Melanie Nuce B2B for the retail supply chain

Melanie Nuce
Director of Retail Industry Marketing